Monday, October 4, 2010


I know you've seen this before but it's such fun!  (©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)
... Know how to party!  Eventing fans turned out in force yesterday to support their national Eventing teams  Maple leaves waving, Germans grinning from ear to ear, Union Jack draped stands shaking from pounding feet.  While there was jubilation and disappointment, the fans and the teams enjoyed the day.

So, I offer you a collection of images:  golf carts,  painted faces  and very happy Eventers. (I wonder if there's a prize for the best decorated golf cart?  I need to ask.)

Those crazy Canadians (©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

German Pride Abounds. (©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

(©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

(©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

They mean it! 'Nuff said... (©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

Happy Hawley (©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

Spreading the news (©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

(©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

Ole, ole, ole, ole-o... (©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

A happy Canadian Coach (©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

(©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

The backside of greatness (©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

BBC interview time (©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

Team Britain enjoying the moment (©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

Andrew Nicholson gets some love from the Kiwi's (©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

A jubilant Mary King (©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

Old friends and competitors congratulating one-another (©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

A bit bemused Michael Jung (GER) on his way to the podium (©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

Boyd Martin (USA) with Kentucky Governor and First Lady Steve and Jane Beshear (©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

(©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

(©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

Sue and Mike(Who's watching the warm-ups)  Etherington-Smith (©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

A chilly warm-up (©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

Chilly Interpreters wait to go to work in the warm up (©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

Buck Davidson (©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

Turkey and Bermuda communicate (©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

The Irish Team Relaxes (©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

A Belgian Coffee Break (©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)
(©Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

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