Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm Exhausted...

... And my typing fingers (that would be all ten as I think I still have a full count) are sore from typing and typing.  In recent days, I've launched a new web project called Eventing Day. Actually I've launched two sites. One for Eventing only info, pictures, videos and audio and the other called The Eventing Day Starting Box that is for Eventing fans, competitors, coaches, trainers, organizers and the like to post their info, comments, philosophies, tips, you name it. As long as it's eventing it gets posted for everyone to see and comment about.

But, it takes a ton of time to tie up all the loose strings. I've resorted to taking loads of vitamin D because I haven't seen the light of day in weeks. I'm typing away like a hermit in a cave minus the woodsmoke and hairy shirt. 

I've received lots of great feedback and protestations of excitement about the sites. There are some great sites already out there, but Eventing Day is an opportunity for me to be immersed in Eventing - a sport I've loved and worked in for over 20 years.

So I type and type. I try not to forget about my other sites, all of which need feeding and tlc from time to time, not to mention my husband, my kiddo away at college,  and the cat and dog.  I'm spread pretty thin as you may surmise from the date of the last time I posted on this blog.

But I love equestrian sport and the folks in it so I'll just hunker down and get it done. Thanks to all for their vocal and written support of my new project.

And if you're a Derby Cross fan, check  out Eventing Day for some exciting PRO Derby Cross news and a giveaway to be announced shortly.



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